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What is the Community Inn?

As your gateway to Community First! Village, the Community Inn offers so much more than a room for the night. We invite our guests to be a part of our household: a homemaking revolution happening right here in Austin, Texas.

Community First! Village is a master-planned community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. Here, these neighbors are able to rent affordable RVs and tiny homes, with access to organic gardens, outdoor kitchens, and beautiful common spaces for reflection and fellowship. Even more importantly, the folks at the! Village have the opportunity to form life-changing friendships with the many volunteers and neighbors who also call this place home.

As a program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, the Community Inn’s primary purpose is to empower communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. In light of this mission, we hope that by joining us for a weekend or a night, you will do more than merely fund this good work. We hope that you will make yourself at home.

Meet the Innkeepers

Newlyweds Steven and Bethany Hebbard married in Waco, Texas in June of 2015.  Seven years ago Steven founded the Genesis Gardens program at Mobile Loaves & Fishes, and transitioned from a garden keeper to the keeping of our Community Inn early in 2015. Dr. Bethany received her PhD in English Literature from Baylor University in 2012.  She had been teaching at a Christian liberal arts university in Mobile, Alabama until moving to Community First! Village.

Together, they bring a passion for homemaking and justice to the venerable art of innkeeping.  If you listen closely you might overhear their conversations about soil biology, sourdough bread recipes, ancient fairy tales, or the goodness of lifting someone up off the street into a true home.  I promise you won’t exhaust them with your questions. They lead a beautifully absurd life at the Village. Stop in for coffee or tea and join the conversation.