Community Inn Policies

We try to not have too many of them, and we thank you for reading our policies. We hope you will love every minute of your stay at the Community Inn, and know how much we appreciate having you as our guest. We welcome and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns or correct problems immediately — we want your stay to be great. If there’s anything we can do to improve our odds of achieving world class accommodations, we hope you will let us know.

Check in is between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. If you are arriving later than 6:00, it’s no problem, but please let us know so that we can make arrangements. Checkout is 10:00 a.m. We have a small, awesome staff that needs time to prepare rooms for arriving guests. If you require more time, a late checkout can sometimes be arranged with prior notification for $40. Please submit your request 24 hrs prior to arrival.

Quiet hours from 10pm – 9am (no loud music or loud talking outdoors)

Early Check-In $40
Late Check- Out $40

Full refund is issued, if reservation is cancelled 5 days prior to arrival

We love kids, our property is oriented toward families who are interested in learning how to embody a lifestyle of service with the homeless. Children up to age 18 must be accompanied by a parent and must stay in the parent’s room. Due to the tiny size of our units, it may be a challenge to have infants ages 0-2 years of age. At this time we do not offer cribs or changing tables.

Our 21 vacation rentals feature exterior entrances, 10 feature private baths, all include personal air conditioning and heat, and share no ventilation with other units. You can walk from your car to your personal sanctuary without entering a public building or elevator!

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our guests, our team, and our Community First! Village neighbors. In light of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, we have implemented numerous safety protocols to ensure that your stay at the Community Inn is as safe, enjoyable and carefree as possible.

Isolated Inn Units Share NO Ventilation

We have always been proud to be small, but now our small size and unique design offers significant benefits related to Coronavirus safety. Each of our tiny homes and other eclectic units has its own ductless air conditioning and heating, which means that venting is not shared. All units have exterior entrances and do not require you to enter a building or ride in an elevator. All rooms have operable windows. You can walk from your parking spot to your isolated unit without sharing air with anyone.

Extensive Virucidal Cleaning & Laundry Procedures

All Community Inn areas and units are cleaned with CDC- and EPA-approved virucidal and antibacterial cleaners. Each unit is cleaned and sanitized with a multi-step process that includes virucidal/antibacterial disinfection of every surface, and 72+ hour sealed storage of high touch items. Our cleaning products use the same compounds found in typical, CDC-approved household cleaners; they are effective but not scary.

All laundry is done through Eco-Clean, a professional local laundry service company.  EcoClean and our Community Inn Team follows a virucidal cleaning process using concentrated, eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide. All public areas are routinely disinfected throughout the day. Cleaning procedures are implemented under the watchful eye of our veteran housekeeping team and Community Inn Coordinator.  Our cleaning and laundry standards meet and exceed the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s “Safe Stay” guidelines, CDC guidelines for Hospitality, and Airbnb’s COVID safe requirements.

Face Masks & Distancing

All guests are required to wear a face mask while in the indoor community spaces of the Community Inn and Community First! Village. We ask guests to respect social distancing requirements. Community Inn Team Members are required to wear a mask at all times, with the exception of outside locations while being socially distant. Masks are available if needed.

Reduced Occupancy & Contact

Our small Community Inn operates with far less volume than a standard hotel, and our Coronavirus safety measures go even further to reduce traffic through our office and common areas. As always, our Community Inn property is reserved for the relaxation of our Inn guests. The 51 acres of Community Firs! Village allows for plenty of space as you move about.

Contact-less Registration & Check in

To reduce contact at check-in, our guest registration processes are now contactless, and sanitized keypads are ready ahead of your arrival. To reduce interactions in the Inn Office, all staff may also be reached via email, or by phone, and we’ve implemented a guest information system that you can access via your own mobile device. Our contactless check in allows guests to proceed directly to their vacation rental without entering our building. All guests will be sent via email or by text their keyless lock check-in and check-out code.  This code is a one time code that will not be repeated.  You can expect to receive your code an hour before check-in, and an hour before check-out.

No One Will Enter Your Room

Daily housekeeping is temporarily suspended and no staff will enter your room during your stay unless explicitly requested by the guest and approved by management. Once you’re here, your home is your private sanctuary. For stays of 4 nights or longer, we will contact you prior to arrival to discuss extended-stay housekeeping options.

A valid credit card is required to make a reservation. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Your credit card will be authorized for the full reservation amount at the time the cancellation period expires (see cancellation timeframes above). If using a debit card, please note that your bank will hold your funds at this time; for this reason, bank cards are typically discouraged for all hotel reservations. Your credit card and a valid ID must be presented at check in, at which time you will be charged. No other forms of payment are allowed.

Guests are responsible for any damage or loss they cause to the property. Guests may be charged for, or charged cleaning fees for, damaged, destroyed or excessively soiled towels, linens and other soft goods. Use paper towels to clean up all spills and messes. DO NOT use our linens provided to clean with. Please refer to our Community Inn Fee Guide. Also see “No Smoking, No Candles, No Incense, Etc.” below.

Smoking – $250
Linen Damage – Will vary
Missing Linen Fee – Will vary
Deep Clean Fee – $125 (Applied for Messes, Strong Odors, Bodily Fluids)
Structure Damages – Will vary
Lost Key Fee – $40

Pet Fee – $25
Additional Registered Guest – $35 w/air mattress set-up
Additional UNAUTHORIZED Guest – $100

Our maximum night stay is 21 nights. We do not give discounts for this length of stay.

The Community Inn is strictly a non smoking facility. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas at the front of the property, on the Inn Office porch or in our two parking lots. Smoking is not allowed in the building, in the units, in public outdoor areas or in private outdoor patios. Evidence of smoking including the smell of smoke in the room or in the public and private outdoor areas will result in a minimum $250 charge plus the cost of any damaged property. (Yes friends, we mean any kind of smoke.) No burning of any sort of object including candles or incense is allowed, and no other strongly-scented items are allowed in rooms. All of the above are subject to cleaning and damage fees.

The Community Inn team is on site between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our team is not onsite on Saturdays. A number will be provided for you to call should you need assistance at any hour, day or night.

All Tiny Homes and Trailers accommodate single or double occupancy, max. If you have an additional guest, we may be able to accommodate with an air mattress set-up as well as an “additional guest fee” of $35. Please call ahead for this option.

Our camping style Tipis sleep 7 guests on cots that are provided for your convenience. You can fit an additional 4 guests, if they sleep on the wood slat floors using a self-provided sleeping bag or mat. When booking this style of unit please indicate how many guests will be staying with you.

Our bohemian style Yurt sleeps 4-6 guests with a spacious eating and kitchenette area. When booking this style of unit please indicate how many guests will be staying with you.

All visitors and guests occupying a unit must be registered with the front desk. A $100 per night usage fee will be charged for unauthorized guests beyond the allowed occupancy limit per room.

We offer plenty of parking for our awesome guests. Please use the “Event” parking lot to the right of the entrance when you first come onsite. There is limited parking in front of the Inn Office. Please respect the privacy of our neighbors and do not park in front of their homes or in their driveways; you may be towed. Parking is also restricted in front of our Community Market. We provide every guest with a parking permit, if displayed correctly on their dash or rearview mirror, guests will not be towed. We are not responsible for damage to vehicles, or damage or loss of property left in parked vehicles, regardless of location.

We are a small Inn at the front of a master planned neighborhood for the formerly homeless. We want you to have a great time while onsite. Along those lines please do not come here to party. Guests who disturb other guests will be asked to leave and will not be provided a refund. Thinking of inviting some friends over? Please check with us first! Due to the intimate nature of our property, private events that include guests not staying at the property require approval. A separate events agreement and additional fees may apply. No parties, group gatherings, company meetings, etc. may be held without prior approval, and may forfeit your reservation without refund.

We LOVE your fur babies! At this time we only allow dogs onsite. Tiny Homes are tiny, with little room for multiple dogs. We allow a max of 1 dog. All dogs must be with their owners at all times, and while outside on a leash. You may not leave your dog locked in your tiny home without you for any reason. Dogs can not be left outside for any reason. We issue a pet fee of $25 per dog. Additional fees may apply if damage is caused to the unit in any way. We also will apply an unauthorized pet fee of $100 if additional pets are found or reported. Please pick up after your dogs, we have doggy pick-up bag stations by the Community Cinema, and at our onsite “Jake’s Dog Park”. We will issue a $50 fee for dog’s that are not picked up after.

We do not provide telephones in the guest rooms because so many guests travel with their own phones. We offer a pay phone located in the breeze way of Unity Hall.

Our beautifully and spacious designed restroom shower laundry facility (RSL), can be accessed on the far right hand side of our Community Market (Blue “Topher” Building). The design of space includes 4 fully private shower restroom suites, as well as 4 fully private traditional restroom suites. All suites lock for your privacy. To provide the perfect 24hr stay we clean this facility 4 times a day, to ensure cleanliness and excellence. The RSL also encompasses a laundry facility for your comfort. Laundry cards can be purchased in the breezeway located at our Unity Hall building. Laundry products can be purchased onsite at our Community Market Monday – Saturday 9am-2pm.

We can’t live without it! Each Tiny Home, Trailer, and Yurt is set-up with their own WiFi. Please see the CPE unit that is located in your unit for access codes and set-up. Our majestic tipis do not have access to wifi. UPDATE 2021: We advise all guests to bring a hotspot or equivalent back-up, just in case the wifi goes out in our area.

Please show respect for other guests and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. We are a small Inn. Guests who disturb other guests will be asked to leave and will not be provided a refund.

All guests must be registered with the front desk at the Community Inn Office. Only authorized guests may occupy guest rooms. Rooms may not be sublet, advertised for resale, or otherwise occupied by non-registered guest(s) without prior management approval. A usage fee will be charged for unauthorized guests.

Over a dozen exterior surveillance cameras spread throughout the Community Inn property and parking areas.

(Not Every Week/Weekend) Events & Community Cinema 7PM to 11:30PM, crowds and movie noise during that time. All guests will be notified at check-in if the Goodness Collective Band will be playing live music. Typical event time is 7pm to 10pm

We have a Village cat named “Goodie”, she will be sure to greet you. Do not let her into your unit. Also there are many neighbors who have dogs. All dogs must be leashed when outside.